Kelly Seyferth : Owner / Yoga Guide 


3 WORDS THAT DESCRIBE ME -  Vibrant, Open-minded, Outdoorsy

I first discovered yoga as a form of rehabilitation to recover from a car accident during my college years.  Yoga helped me gain back my flexibility, strength and balance; it not only improved my physical health, but I found I became much stronger mentally and my practice kept me grounded.  It was at that point yoga became a way of life for me.

I completed my first power vinyasa teacher training through the original CorePower Yoga in Denver.  While teaching Health and Food Experiences at a highschool in Colorado, I began incorporating yoga into the classroom and lead my highschool's staff wellness program.  Not long after, I completed a second teacher training in Ashtanga Yoga with Caroline Klebel at Source of Yoga in California.  I have been blessed to have amazing teachers, students, friends and family that have shown me love and inspiration along my journey.  

I am passionate about living a healthy, well-balanced life full of meaning, growth and an abundance of love. Yoga continues to awaken me to the beauty and simple moments of life.  My classes are designed to quiet the mind and inspire the body through music, movement and breath. 

When I'm not on my mat you can find me spending time with family, exploring nature, swimming in the Great Lake or snowshoeing the trails.  

ROOTDOWN MENU FAVORITE:  I'm So Young Smoothie.    

Daniel Bonner - Yoga Guide


3 WORDS THAT DESCRIBE ME - Energetic, Adventurous, Dudious

I started yoga to balance weight training and running and have since returned to the mat because of the feeling I get not only on the mat, but off of the mat in life, as well. I am trained through CorePower Yoga and wanted to deepen my own practice while helping others find what yoga can do for them.

When I'm not practicing you can find me behind the juice bar slinging salads, juices, smoothies, and stories. Otherwise, I'm most likely on my bike, running a trail, or swimming in the Great Lake!

ROOTDOWN MENU FAVORITE:  Good Vibrations Juice and Wild Thing Salad.

Brittany Jaskowiak - Yoga Guide


3 WORDS THAT DESCRIBE ME - Silly, Sweet, Sincere

I tried a yoga class by a friend's suggestion because my job was draining me. Each day I left with low energy, spinning thoughts, and sleepless nights. After my first class I was instantly hooked! Through yoga I became stronger mentally, physically, and developed a healthier way to deal with stress. I completed my 200hr teacher training at Transcending Yoga in Swansboro, NC. I then furthered my training at Heart Song Yoga, becoming  certified in prenatal yoga. My goal is for every student to leave class feeling confident, uplifted, and smiling ear to ear. 

When I'm not on my mat you can find me outside, no matter the season, fresh air is my fuel! Snowboarding, snowshoeing, camping, hiking, and spending time with my hubby and Bichon, Bella.

ROOTDOWN MENU FAVORITE: I Get Around Juice with a Beet dropped in it!

Theresa Bernhardt - Yoga Guide


3 WORDS THAT DESCRIBE ME - Loving, Compassionate, Healer

Yoga was part of my college curriculum to:  study, practice, teach; yoga was implemented in all of the classes that I taught, from fitness studio to gym and classroom.  Now, my mat is my "sacred space;" in addition to being my personal space for prayer and meditation, my yoga practice allows me to reduce stress, improve my health; drop into complete individual focus; restoring my sense of self; while connecting with God.

After many years away from daily practice, poor health and impending surgery renewed my desire to seek solace and peace on the mat; as I continued to struggle with Thyroid disease, I found the medical options undesirable and decided to tackle "stress" with the help of my familiar friend~my mat!  Within a month of daily practice, my goiter had greatly reduced and my ENT was amazed.  I went on and completed my teacher training through PeaceLab Yoga. 

When I am not on the mat you can find me on the beach; in the woods or anywhere my bike or body will take me; often with a great book.

ROOTDOWN MENU FAVORITE: Kokomo Smoothie and Rootdown GREENS!

Chris Emmer - Yoga Guide


3 WORDS THAT DESCRIBE ME - Enthusiastic, curious, open

I may have got to the mat for the physical benefits (i.e. yoga butt), but stayed and continue coming back for the mental and emotional effect. Yoga teaches me to slow down and forces me to stop multi-tasking... even for just an hour per day.

I started practicing over 10 yrs ago, during college, because I couldn't stand one more minute of jogging on an elliptical while watching Keeping up with the Kardashians at the University Gym.

My first teacher training was through PeaceLab's Yoga Shala Teacher Training, with a strong focus on alignment and yoga tradition. A year after completing that, I went to a Strala training in Seattle that was the complete opposite, more focused on freedom and new thinking. By training in both ends of the spectrum, I developed a deep appreciation for all styles and traditions of yoga – and love them all. 

I think being alive in a body as a pretty damn good reason to celebrate – and what better way to do it than through movement.

When I'm not on my mat, you can find me playing outside with my dog and exploring our beautiful state.

ROOTDOWN MENU FAVORITE: Catch A Wave Juice - add a jalapeno. ;)

Jenn Jettner - Yoga Guide


3 WORDS THAT DESCRIBE ME - Patient, Creative, Learning

I believe I came to yoga looking for a little stillness and strength building. I continue to find my mat because I love the feeling that I have after practicing. Yoga helps me to be a better teacher, mother, wife and version of myself. I find myself more patient and grounded when I have a consistent practice.

I attended my first yoga class 15 years ago after our 2nd son was born. I was in search of a new form of exercise and a way to slow down the business of the day.

I first decided to receive training in teaching yoga to children. I received my YogaKids certification. I wanted to be able to use yoga in my classroom as well as with my own children at home. From there I continued to grow and began holding workshops to train adults in using yoga with children. As time progressed I decided that I wanted to further my training and received my 200 hour certification to teach adults. Guiding adults is where my passion is currently. I truly love sharing my love for yoga with others and help to guide them in finding the true and best versions of themselves.

I spend my days teaching kindergarten and attending activities with our three children. I love to camp, paddleboard, hike and connect with the outdoors.

ROOTDOWN MENU FAVORITE:  My tastes change often…right now I am enjoying the Kombucha!

Akia Pierce - Yoga Guide


3 WORDS THAT DESCRIBE ME - Vivacious, Empowered, Charismatic and Compassionate (It's supposed to be three, but I couldn't resist!)

I used yoga as a way to relieve stress and promote a healthy lifestyle. I've returned to my mat because of the peace that comes with practicing and the ability to allow my mind to create in a way that my physical body alone could not. I love seeing how I can acheive new postures and challenging poses while still being at peace. Showing up on my mat with no real goals or expectations and just allowing my body to do what is was meant to do.

I have a pretty busy life, so when not on my mat, you can find me hanging out with friends, my husband, and our five beautiful children. I also praise dance at my church, hit the gym, work for Mercy Health, or if it's summer time I'm on the beach!

ROOTDOWN MENU FAVORITE: I get around juice with beet!

Janina Schmieder - Yoga Guide


THREE WORDS THAT DESCRIBE ME -  Creative, Free Spirit, Compassionate and some German stubbornness hehe

I was a (ultra)marathon runner but failed to balance this sport with other exercise. In 2007 I had to reduce the amount of running to recover from an injury and that's when I stepped on the mat. Not only has yoga opened up a channel of recovery but more so, it was like discovering layers of myself I was not necessarily aware of. Yoga continues to give me firm ground to explore life at its fullest and simply follow my instincts in all aspects of life.

My yoga education was started a bit backwards; first I became a certified SUP yoga instructor, added Aerial yoga the following year and finally became a 200hr certified instructor in Hatha Yoga and Ayurveda Therapy.

West Michigan is the perfect playground for me with its endless beaches and trails. While I enjoy outdoors year around, I am definitely more a mermaid than a snowman. In Summer I explore rivers and lakes on my SUP, camp and love to cook meals over open fire. During off season I nourish my creative side through painting and wood working.

ROOTDOWN MENU FAVORITE:  Rootdown Greens with beets instead of onion is my favorite lunch. Tastes even better after a sweet 45 minute lunch break flow.

Michelle Lihou - Yoga Guide


THREE WORDS THAT DESCRIBE ME: Outgoing, Creative, and Passionate

I love the mental and physical way yoga challenges and balances me.  When I first started practicing, I was instantly drawn to the sweet flow of vinyasa yoga connecting movement with breath. It wasn't until I moved to Denver that I decided to enroll in a 200 hour teacher training program. Working as an elementary school teacher, I completed my 200 hour Power/Vinyasa certification at the original CorePower Yoga, along side Rootdown owner Kelly Seyferth. 

I moved from Denver to Stevensville, MI with my husband and had our daughter. Deciding to stay home and raise my daughter provided opportunity to start studying more yoga. I combined my passion for teaching kids and yoga and completed her Rainbow Kids Yoga Certification.  Craving a slow passive practice challenged my fiery energetic personality.  I completed my Yin Yoga training at Yoga Life.  I had my son and absolutely loved practicing yoga throughout my pregnancy, which then led me to complete my pre and postnatal yoga certification with Bliss Baby Yoga. 

My passion to learn, grow and find balance as a teacher and yoga student lead me to a 300 Hour Advanced Power certification.  Which I completed at Yoga Life, studying under Brooke Margherone. 

When not on my mat, I love spending time with family, enjoying the beach, listening to music and cooking.